Mango Panna Cotta


220ml   Oldenburger UHT Full Cream Milk
250ml   Oldenburger Whipping Cream 35% Fat
25g +/-  Dreidoppel Mango Paste
3 pcs     Gelita Gelatine Gold Sheets
45g        Caster Sugar

Fresh mango (diced)
Mint leaves

Chefmaster Liqua-gel Golden Yellow
(to add colour)

1. Place the gelatin sheets in a small bowl of ice water. It should turn soft and “jelly-like”.
2. Place Milk, Cream, Sugar and Mango paste in a small pot and mix well. Place on the stove on a low to medium heat until it starts to simmer. Remove from heat.
3. Now add the softened gelatin sheets into the mixture and mix well until fully melted. (You can add some drops of Liqua-gel Golden Yellow if you want a stronger colour.)
4. Directly pour into individual serving cups and place in the fridge for 3 hours or until it sets.
5. Before serving, add diced mango cubes and mint leaf on top. Enjoy!
***To get a duo-tone panna cotta, repeat steps 1 to 3 without the mango paste and liqua-gel. Do wait for the first layer to set first before pouring in the next layer.


Pink Grapefruit

4 No         Egg Whites

1 cup       Sugar
1 pinch    Salt
¼ tsp        Cream of tartar
3 tsp +/-   Dreidoppel Pink Grapefruit Paste
(amount according to your own preference)


Hundreds and Thousands

Chefmaster Liqua-gel Georgia Peach

Hygo Piping Bags
Baking paper: Siliwhite
Silicon Paper

Set oven to 95℃.

2. Add the egg whites, cream of tartar and salt to the mixing bowl and begin mixing on low, gradually increase the speed to high.
3. Once egg whites start to froth up, slowly sprinkle in the sugar. Do not add all in one go.
4. After adding sugar, add in Pink Grapefruit paste and liqua-gel (optional) to get the flavor and colour you want to achieve.
5. Once it has a thick marshmallow texture and stiff peak, your meringue is done.
6. Transfer to a piping bag with piping tip and start piping away on a baking paper.
7. Once done, sprinkle some hundreds and thousands (optional). Bake for about 2 hours or until the meringues are all dried up.
8. Once cooled, keep them in air-tight container and enjoy!


Pancakes with Maple

120g                  Win Sin Waffle & Pancake Mix

120g                  Oldenburger UHT Full Cream Milk 
30g +/-              Oldenburger Unsalted Butter Brick 250g
3 pcs                 Bacon Strips
Add to taste     CAMP 100% Pure Maple Syrup
1 handful          CAMP Maple Sugar Chunks

1 pc Banana



1. Whisk Win Sin Waffle & Pancake Mix together with Milk until well-combined.

2. Add a handful of Maple Sugar Chunks to the batter.
3. Heat up a non-stick pan. Once heated, add a bit of butter to the pan before adding a scoop of batter. Let the batter firm up for about 2 minutes before flipping over. Once the flip side turns golden brown, it is ready. Repeat step to cook 2 more pancakes.
4. On a separate pan, cook the bacon. Once it start to turn brown, glaze the bacon with maple syrup and continue to cook until golden brown.
5. Plate the items together and dollop a chunk of butter and maple syrup over the pancakes. Enjoy!
***Optional: Cut the banana into few pieces, cross-sectioned. Sprinkle sugar on top and torch the sugar layer until caramelized. Add to your pancakes and enjoy!


Best Waffles in Town!


120g                  Win Sin Waffle & Pancake Mix
120g                  Oldenburger UHT Full Cream Milk
Add to taste     Gelatop Ice Flip – Strawberry 

Strawberries, Blueberries, etc

Sliko Anti-stick Spray

1. Whisk Win Sin Waffle & Pancake Mix together with Milk until well-combined.

2. Heat up the waffle machine.
3. Spray Sliko Anti-stick spray onto the machine once heated.
4. Scoop the batter onto the waffle machine. Ensure that the batter spreads evenly. Let the batter cook until it’s golden brown and ready.
5. Plate your waffles and drizzle the Gelatop ice flip Strawberry sauce over generously. Add in the berries (optional) and enjoy!

Maple Butter Muffins

2 No          Eggs
125ml       AAK Whirl Unsalted
1 pinch     Salt
250ml       Oldenburger Full Cream Milk
180g         Caster Sugar
400g         Self-raising flour
70g           Maple Sugar Chunks

1. Set oven to 180℃ fan. Line muffin cups on the baking tray.
2. Whisk eggs in mixer for about 1 minute.
3. Add Whirl and Milk, beat until just combined and add in sugar. Whisk until a smooth batter is obtained.
4. Sift in self-raising flour and salt, mix until smooth. Do not over-mix as it will make the muffins tough.
5. Stir in maple sugar chunks, leaving some behind to be used as toppings.
6. Fill muffin cups to two-third full, sprinkle the remaining maple sugar chunks on top and bake for around 20-25 minutes, or until a skewer comes out clean when inserted in the middle of the muffin.
7. Enjoy it while it’s warm!



Chargrill Corn on Cob

2 pcs            Corn on cob

¼ cup +/-     AAK Whirl Unsalted
A dash         Paprika
A dash         Salt
1 pc              Lime, cut into wedges (optional)

1. Preheat oven to 200℃ fan.

2. Using a brush, spread Whirl all over the corn.
3. Sprinkle with paprika and salt, and place it on the baking tray.
4. Grill for 5 minutes and turn the corn after every 5 minutes until it is fully cooked and lightly charred.
5. Serve it warm! (optional: squeeze some lime to go with it)

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