About Us

Established in 1969, Win Sin is the definitive specialist in Bakery, Pastry and Foodservice solutions. From sustainable farm-direct caviar to single-origin cocoa, we exist to thrill and meet the needs of our discerning B2B clientele.

Serving more than 300 clients in the HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants and Caterers) segment in and around South East Asia, the Win Sin team is obsessed with improving on its core competencies of cold-chain management, and industry-leading 98% reliability index (orders delivered correctly, on time).

Certified ISO22000, and awarded a Platinum award (20 years of AVA Grade A rating), Win Sin’s clear focus on food safety and integrity assures partners with optimum quality, delivered daily.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Our staff enjoy 2 paid half-days annually, for their blood donation to the Singapore Red Cross. Provisions are made from annual budgets towards an adopted charity. Corporate donations are made anonymously.

Business Integrity
Our commitment to business integrity is clear and unequivocal. We do not bribe, nor do we accept bribes. We investigate all suspicious circumstances. Breaches of our firm policy are absolutely unacceptable – a dismissable offence which will be reported to the authorities.

Since the early introduction of mandatory paper recycling in 1995, Win Sin is committed to being an environmentally-responsible firm.


Recycling: Full and mandatory recycling programs are in place across all departments, for glass, aluminium and paper.


Energy: Full conversion away from Incandescent and halogen bulbs. More LED lighting technology, alongside energy-saving fluorescent tubes are appearing on Win Sin installations.


Fuel: All cold-chain trucks are fitted with electrical auxiliary units, negating the need for diesel engine idling to run the individual truck chiller units.


Air: All vehicle operators are trained not to leave any engine idling, to minimise air pollution. Likewise, internal material handling assets are electrical, with zero combustion emissions.


Materials: Paper printing/usage continues to drop. Win Sin has achieved its target to reduce paper usage by 50%, following the adoption of twin monitor screens where possible, for data transactions. Plastic pallets are used, in place of wooden pallets. This lowers the need for wood, and plastic pallets are proven to last over 5 years, compared to one year for wood pallets.


Packaging: Environmentally-conscious packaging, through the use of sealed tubs, have brought down the use of paper, whilst increasing food safety. This was achieved with the balance of rigidity and thinness of plastic tubs.


Water: All handwash taps have built in water-saving devices deployed.

Win Sin is an early adopter of the Singapore Packaging Agreement since 2008.

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